We really need creative people sharing their ideas, stories, and work in these trying times. With this pandemic screwing with our habits, choices, and even taking our lives, it is more important than ever that we do what we can to stay sane and connected, even from a distance. Luckily, a potential upside to all this awfulness is that many of us now have more “free” time. (Not all of us of course, as the awesome folk who are deemed essential are risking their very lives to keep us fed, healthy, and safe).

So what can we do with this gift of time? Honestly, whatever keeps you sane. And something that really keeps us going is consuming (and creating) art. Whether that is visual art, music, TV, writings, podcasts, or really anything, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the satisfaction and sense of community we get from sharing these things together.

For it is through artistic expression that we come to see what really matters. It’s the deep introspection and outward discernment of the world at large that helps keep us on track and doing what is best for ourselves and for others. It has been the place of artists and jesters throughout history to keep a clear, unbiased perspective running through the public mind, reminding us all of what is beautiful and true.

So, as you’re sitting at home consuming your art and media, keep in mind all the talent, time, and sacrifice that went into it and continue supporting artists in these rough times.

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