Having an unbiased person, especially one who has literally trained for years to do so, listen to you talk about your life can be extremely freeing. Sure it can be great to talk to loved ones as well, but speaking with someone who is more distanced and doesn’t have as much of a stake in the situation can be game-changing.

They have helped many others who, just like you and me, have been overwhelmed by the challenges of life. So they have more experience in many of these issues, both common and uncommon, than other people. And really, they’re there to fulfill one of our deepest ambitions: to be heard and understood.

If you find that something is interfering with your ability to work, go to school, do daily activities, or just live your life as fully as you‘d like, then you may be an ideal candidate for therapy. Because having a safe space to talk through life’s challenges can be the difference between just making it through each day and living a fuller, more enjoyable life.

And if you’ve already tried it before and it didn’t go well, then consider trying again. Because finding the right counselor for you can be difficult and hit-or-miss, as different people have different communication styles and passions. But once you find someone who really gets you, your life really opens up and you‘ll feel encouraged and more capable of living your best life.

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