I tend to spend most of my day immersed in words: be it reading books, listening to podcasts, highlighting articles, taking notes, brainstorming, organizing, logging my day, or more long-form writing like for this blog.

Needless to say, I have certain needs when it comes to creating, sorting, recalling, and acting upon words and ideas. I need to be able to capture whatever occurs to me in any moment, trust that I can find it later when I need to, and freely synthesize multiples together to make decisions or to create something.

Many people wouldn’t need as elaborate a system as I do to accomplish this. But I am not other people – and that’s okay (despite what my anxiety might try to tell me). I am autistic, so I love structure and (some) repetition, plus my memory is kinda selective, and I tend to need (and want) to go through things multiple times to fully take them in.

So I do what I do, using whatever system I need to do so, all without chagrin.

In upcoming posts I’ll address different aspects of my system, including my recent search and experimentation to improve my workflows and increase creative productivity (and happiness).

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