Our patience will achieve more than our force.

— Edmund Burke

When you’re deep in a commitment it can be difficult to remember just what exactly will get you where you need to go. When the demands of others (or yourself) are piling up, weighing heavily upon you, taking a step back seems like the last thing you should do. But that’s often exactly what’s needed.

Simply pushing and pushing ourselves will work for a bit, but will inevitably leave us falling behind and utterly exhausted. Whereas if we are patient and wait for the right moment to exert ourselves we’ll find ourselves much more in control and successful.

Like writing this post for instance. I began in a place of negativity, berating myself for not being able to write something worthwhile on a certain timely topic (Martin Luther King, Jr.). Unsurprisingly that didn’t do anything other than making me feel more down on myself.

But once I took a break, played a game, and removed the pressure to write, a new idea came forward and the rest just flowed out, unimpeded.

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