Having precise ideas often leads to a person doing nothing
– Paul Valery

This goes by many other names: “Thinking too hard”, anxiety, fear, overplanning, OCPD, Productivity P0rn, perfectionism, etc.

All of which I struggle with daily. All of which I combat daily by maintaining simple active awareness.

All of which are common themes you will see returned to on this site.

. . .

Today, notice an area of your life in which your ideas are so “precise” that they have become limits to action.

2 thoughts on “Precise Inaction: DAP

    1. Well, for me, “precise” in this context is meant more as “too precise”.

      So when I spend so much time up front planning how to perform a task, or coming up with alternatives and plan B’s, or how I’ll react and implement different strategies in each case, etc…

      And little to no time actually doing anything

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