In my recent avoidance of my computer, I turned to my old iPad for a little while to read, play, and be nostalgic. The biggest thing I noticed, besides the outdated software and folders of apps I haven’t used for years, was some really bad eye strain.

It is now eight years old and, unsurprisingly, doesn’t have the sharpest screen, especially by today’s standards. I do remember having similar issues when I spent a lot of time using it before, though I attributed it mostly to bad glasses and stress at the time.

This has been a recurring issue in my use of technology, which in a way has determined what devices I could use and to what extent I could use them. A large part has to do with the blue light emitted by such devices. Although that can be alleviated much by the use of special eyeglasses and settings to warm the screen colors (like a “night mode” or an app like f.lux).

However, it’s recently occurred to me that a major player here could be the fact that I’m autistic. Because with autism you often get sensory processing differences, making things seem much more (or less) prominent, to the point of even being painful.

In the end, this experience has given me more to think about and helped to reaffirm my decision to spend a bit more and get myself a Surface Book 2 – which has a pretty stunning screen.

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