The other day I wrote about not having access to my computer for a while and how that may help to skillfully redirect my attention. Well, the charger randomly decided to start working again… So that’s nice. But it won’t change my resolve.

Sure, now I’ll use the computer for running D&D and probably do a little housekeeping with it, but I’m still going to use this as an opportunity to take a step back from my recent intense focus on improving my productivity workflow. One reason is to avoid productivity pr0n: that thing where you spend more time on the system than on actually doing your work.

The bigger reason, though related, is more subtle. And that’s to gain a little perspective on what I’ve decided and implemented so far. This can be a really important – and often skipped – step in affecting change.

This context can be key in ensuring I’m working towards the right goals, establishing good rules for myself, and making sure I’m actually saving myself more time and effort later by putting in a little now (a big aim of productivity itself).

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