Often when I am trying to write I find myself facing the fear that I am an impostor. That I am not good enough to produce anything worth reading. That no matter how hard I try or how good I think something might be, I’ll ultimately be found lacking.

This is a common thread in my life beyond just writing as well. I’m often left literally speechless when in the moment thanks to both my anxiety and autism. I will usually have an idea in my head about what I’m trying to accomplish by communicating, but the actual how to do so is pulled out from under me.

It’s really thanks to my commitment to mindfulness that I’m able to remind myself that 1) I’m my own worst critic, so nothing is probably really that bad, 2) a lot of people appreciate someone who thinks through everything before they say it, and 3) life is an ongoing process, so nothing will ever be perfect and all we can hope for is to just do our best in each moment.

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