It’s been a while (again) since I’ve posted anything here. There are various reasons, but mostly twofold: D&D and BLM (Black Lives Matter).

First, I’ve been pouring much of myself into world-building and preparing for our new family D&D game! A lot of work and time have gone into it already, and we’re only three sessions in. I’ll write another post on that soon.

Secondly, the other big things that have kept me from writing: the corona virus and, even more pressing, the BLM responses to continuing police brutality. Both have taken much of my remaining focus, attention, and indeed, emotional bandwidth.

For it takes a lot of energy and investment to keep up to date on such things and work through the misinformation. This is especially true considering the difficult, raw nature and associated emotional drain of these issues that are literally life-and-death to so many.

Furthermore, it takes a lot to work through your own feelings regarding such topics. Checking your privilege, learning all you can, and listening to as many BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) as possible — these steps can take quite a bit of effort, but are absolutely necessary.

Then on top of all that add: still coming to terms with my autistic identity, combating depression, and trying to be healthier and more active, and that’s where my head’s been at lately. I believe I’m ready to start writing about/through some of these things again, but of course, time will tell.

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