Health, Poetry


Allergies Little beginnings Large consequences; Each time a battle. Reactions, old and new, Goading with their power. Immune system confused Evermore the suffering… So on with life I go

Cat, Poetry


Notice, if you will, the divine predatory skills of the House Cat.  Without remorse, one rips the prey, containment and all, from the counter.  He then proceeds to tear it to pieces, ingesting whatever he wills.  The Alpha: she remains back, confident […]


Take some time

Take some time for You. Bring it wherever you go: Breathe in — Still — breathe out.


Lower the barrier

Lower the barrier Between Mind and Matter, Where ideas are lost and won. For when close and tight They work together To get the right things done.


Play with Attention

Play with Attention Through speech. You know to speak But first, take a pause, Then follow through in sound.