Moving House

I’ve decided to move this blog to its own host and domain, here at I’m really excited to have more control over my site and its content, as it will allow me more freedom for creativity to flow. Plus it’s more […]

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So, this will be interesting…

I’m going to use this as a fairly experimental, though well curated, home to explore different ideas and retain information to come back to later.  Namely, I’m going to try to give it a very Wiki-esque feeling. Exactly what that means is […]

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Name Change…

Gonna change the name of this blog to “The Middle Me”. It seems fitting, what with my recent focus on Buddhism (the “middle way”), self-improvement, and the idea that it’s all a process – this blog, growing, and life. 


Hello World

Hello World! I have said those words on multiple occasions (I’ll link later). And I have meant them each time. Meant as a clever (though extremely cliché) reference to denote that a grand undertaking has begun. That a huge breakthrough has occurred. […]