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Why I Need a System

I tend to spend most of my day immersed in words: be it reading books, listening to podcasts, highlighting articles, taking notes, brainstorming, organizing, logging my day, or more long-form writing like for this blog. Needless to say, I have certain needs […]

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Oh iPad, My Eyes!

In my recent avoidance of my computer, I turned to my old iPad for a little while to read, play, and be nostalgic. The biggest thing I noticed, besides the outdated software and folders of apps I haven’t used for years, was […]

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Why I Still Love Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter. It’s a great example of immersive world-building, inclusive characterization, and maintains a message about the power of friendship and togetherness against the believed superiority of one group over others. It also got a generation of kids (and adults) […]

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The Social Power of Reading

When I have immense difficulty in communicating my ideas, either in person or online, I try to find some productive alternative to occupy me. And besides watching TV or playing a game next to my wife (who understands me even when I […]


Autism is not a disease or a mental illness, but a form of neurodiversity – a different way of viewing, understanding, and interacting with the world. To be more specific, it involves differences (often difficulties) in social communication and interaction (verbal and […]


I Am Autistic

This was how I “came out” as an autistic to my friends and family a little over a year ago. It seemed fitting to share here as I begin to further explore myself through writing. I am Autistic. I have an Autism […]