There are numerous ways to seek an understanding of Buddhism. Here I will share two of the most accessible entry points.

The first and most succinct can be found in a single word: awareness. Specifically, turning our awareness to the present moment (then later, to awareness itself). Everything is based upon one’s own observation of the world around them. Nothing is taken on faith and we are constantly asked to question everything we’ve been told — including Buddhism’s own teachings.

Another meaningful way to approach Buddhism is through an understanding of the Four Noble Truths:

  • The first is that life is subject to dissatisfaction.
  • The second is that this dissatisfaction arises from our craving for things to be other than they are.
  • The third is that there is a way to end this dissatisfaction.
  • The fourth is the actual path to that end of dissatisfaction.

This will soon move over and serve as the base for my wiki page on Buddhism, a process I may repeat with other new content as I go. (I’m still figuring out just how I want that portion of the site to work — it’s all a process).

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