Autism, Perspective, Process, Productivity

Why I Need a System

I tend to spend most of my day immersed in words: be it reading books, listening to podcasts, highlighting articles, taking notes, brainstorming, organizing, logging my day, or more long-form writing like for this blog. Needless to say, I have certain needs […]

Autism, Health, Technology

Oh iPad, My Eyes!

In my recent avoidance of my computer, I turned to my old iPad for a little while to read, play, and be nostalgic. The biggest thing I noticed, besides the outdated software and folders of apps I haven’t used for years, was […]


Finding Some Perspective

The other day I wrote about not having access to my computer for a while and how that may help to skillfully redirect my attention. Well, the charger randomly decided to start working again… So that’s nice. But it won’t change my […]

Productivity, Technology

Feeling Naked Without a Computer

The charger for my computer is no longer functioning, so I am left with an expensive piece of technology as a paperweight. It will be at least a week before the replacement arrives, likely longer given the state of the USPS and […]

Adversity, Cat

I Miss My Feline Friend

It has been exactly nine months since I had to say goodbye to my best furry friend, Julian. He was my first personal pet, and was such an amazing, loving, beautiful boy. He would usually purr when I was around and was […]

Depression, Writing

Writing Through Depression

It’s hard. Like, really hard. Sometimes impossible… to write, communicate, or even think coherently while you’re depressed. It feels like nothing will ever be good enough, so why even try? That self-critic can be louder than anything else around — which can […]